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Fiat: 500 Set cover specchiettiFiat: 500 Set cover specchietti
€121.00 IVA esc.
€147.62 IVA inc.
Fiat: 500 Cover planciaFiat: 500 Cover plancia
€242.00 IVA esc.
€295.24 IVA inc.
Punto Evo e GP: Spoiler posteriorePunto Evo e GP: Spoiler posteriore
€320.00 IVA esc.
€390.40 IVA inc.

Soccer Shinguard SportShield©

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This is the first LMCorse Sport Shield© shinguard for soccer and football use.

Made with the top tecnique to guarantee a very light product with the strongest structure possibile.

Realised using the top carbon fiber pre-preg twill 3k, worked in autovclave and finished with a soft back foam. Nothing is better like the feeling to have no protection over your skin... but at the same time you are wearing the best protection possible

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